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Thread: Sorting TV Shows By Episode Number?

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    Sorting TV Shows By Episode Number?
    I just got my iPad Monday and I synced a whole season of DVD rips of House (using Handbrake) and I tagged them up all nice and pretty using MetaX. Using the Video app, it organizes it nicely by season, however when I select the season it sorts them by title rather than by episode number, episode ID or even air date. So they are out of sequence. While that may be trivial for some, lol, I like me some order.

    So, aside from retagging them and appending the episode number in the title, is there a quicker fix? I looked for a way to change the sorting but was unsuccesful.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Oh yeah. So far, totally loving the iPad.

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    edited: changed my mind

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    Thanks for letting me know about the rule. I will refrain from discussing such things in the future. I do apologize for my error.

    I have fixed the problem. Instead of changing the Name tag, I changed the Sort Name tag so that it had the episode number in front of the title. This correctly sorted the videos, while still displaying the title as normal. I am really curious if there is a way to change the way it sorts though.

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