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    Best way to convert video for iPad
    I just purchased an iPad and have some DVD's that I'd like to convert to video for the iPad. These aren't copyprotected DVD's. In the past I've used Roxio's Toast and Popcorn to convert video for my ipod/iphone and AppleTV. Neither of these programs have a selected for iPad though.
    I hope a future update to these programs have this feature. Until then though is there another program to convert this video? I hope to find a user friendly program. Both of the above work but also with some DVD's it can be confusing to find the proper files to convert. Thank you for your help.

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    Get "Handbrake" ..... Works great and it's free....

    Download for Mac

    Download for PC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bremen Cole View Post
    Get "Handbrake" ..... Works great and it's free....

    Download for Mac HandBrake (Mac) - Download

    Download for PC Free handbrake pc Download

    What settings do use for Handbrake to convert movies to the iPad?
    Please give me more APPLES!

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    Use either the Apple Universal or AppleTV preset.

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