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    Successful iPhone SIM modification into iPad
    Ok... more so for the fun and experience of it I have successfully modified my iPhone SIM to fit into the iPad. And yes it works!

    The reality of it is, you're not going to leave it in there because you then don't have your phone, but if you're in a jam and you need to get connected and you're not around WiFi you have another option that's better than just the phone. Or if you just want a fun project so you can call yourself a hacker... here ya go.

    If you'd like the pdf I put together on the process let me know and I'll forward it to you.

    Disclaimer: This information is for entertainment purposes ONLY. Don't really try this, just read it and maybe talk about it over coffee or tea with some friends.
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    I don't think we want to discuss this any further. Using a SIM card from your iPhone in your iPad is not exactly what AT&T had in mind. This thread is closed.

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