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    My iPad observations after a few days...
    Hi all,

    I was a lucky sole and just happened to be at my local Apple Store Wedneday morning and picked up a 64gb 3G iPad. I had ordered on online (Apple Store) last Saturday. It was not scheduled to ship until May 18th or so. I asked the guy if he had any idea when they would get more in (all I had been reading was they were sold out everywhere) and he said they just got some in about an hour ago....lucky me. Bought it, and cancelled my online order.

    That was Wednesday so I've had it for just over two days now. My observations:

    Battery recharging: I figured out rather quickly my computer will not charge the ipad while plugged in. I'm dissapointed in this, but oh well.
    I used my OEM wall charger and cable to charge it for a few hours today, and I noticed it charged really slowly! WTH! So, I researched this topic earlier and found the info (on this website no less). Use the wall charger Apple provides! So, I just hooked mine up a few minutes ago, it's gone up 2% in the past five minutes so I see the improvement already.

    Screen protector - I ordered a skinomi kit, it came Thursday and I installed last night. I will say this, I suck at screen protector a few bubbles and dust underneath. Kind of P.O'd about that since I watched about 4-5 youtube vids on the installation process. I did just fine on my two ipod touches....the ipad is just huge! So, I will be placing another order soon.

    Case - Sucks trying to find a case that I like on the internet. Nothing at the Apple store or Best Buy was what I was looking for. The cases I really like are not available until June/July time frame (Incipio Destroyer Overkill case). So in the meantime I bought a cheapo $17 clear snap on case. Yep - sucked the big wazoo. Bottom won't snap completely shut, and company has not returned my email for a replacement or return!

    Movies: This thing is great for movies. I'm finding my resolution I recently started using for conversions won't work on the ipad (856x480). So need to play around w/my conversion software a bit.

    Apps: Dam that flight control HD! I'm addicted to that game. My kids who are 10 & 7 love the ipad too. Wish it wasn't so expensive so I could get them their own! I do like them to use it though, technology is good for kids since they are the "tomorrow" and tech is really starting to ingrain itself into everyday tasks. They are both pretty proficient computer users already!

    Weight: Much heavier than I thought. I keep reading that its only 1.5 pounds, but feels heavier. Not really a complaint. I do see what I've read of people saying it can get awkward holding it for long periods of time though.

    Technology: Just outstanding to have a piece of hardware like this. The company I work for even makes some of the memory/chips inside the computer (Atmel in Colorado Springs). That's pretty cool I think! I know people think its just a extra-large ipod. Yep, it sure is and I love every square inch of it. It does a few things the ipod won't, but that's hardware evolution my friends. There are a few things missing as a lot of articles read when it was announced. I think Apple (or Steve Jobs) did not ignore them, but maybe saving them for the 2nd gen ipad. Plus, probably trying to keep the price down a little as I'm sure the next gen will probably go up in price? We'll see.

    About all I can think of now...getting late and I'm tired!

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    Glad you like it.... I have had mine about 6 weeks now and like it more now than ever. It is just so handy to have around and it keeps me from setting at a desk all the time....q
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    Glad to hear good reviews about this. Congrats!
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    To the Original poster here, take a look at my big ipad case topic. That is a very nice place to start a ipad case search. And I'm pretty shure you'll find something you like there.

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    When the iPad is plugged into the computer via usb cord it WILL charge when the iPad screen is off. Don't believe me, plug it in and wait an hour and check. It says "Not Charging" when the screen is on, which means the amount of charge that is being put into it through the USB is used to power the screen (i.e. not that much power), so it would be a slow charge, but a charge non-the-less.

    Let me know what you discover!

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    I second what lilroot said. I found this out recently when I left my iPad connected after I was done syncing. Went from 80-something to 90-something percent when I took the cable out.

    For video conversion, I suggest taking a look at Handbrake. Should convert pretty much anything into a format that will work perfectly on the iPad.

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