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    iPad + Eris + Verizon tether, NEED HELP!
    So I have an Eris (android phone) from Verizon wireless with 2.1 installed on it (no root, sorry) and I have been trying to get my wifi iPad to tether to the phone.

    So far I have tried connecting through bluetooth (says it paired, but will not connect). If I could get that to work, I was trying to use PDANET to connect through bluetooth (the only other connection PDANET offers is through USB and I don't have the camera connector yet, not sure if that would work anyway) but since I cannot connect through bluetooth anyway that app does not work on my phone.

    Does anyone know of an app that does not need root access for the Eris 2.1 that I can try to get to tether with my iPad?

    In an ideal world I would like an app that creates a wifi hotspot so that the iPad can easily connect to, but the only apps I have found that create a wifi hotspot need root access. Anyone know of one that does not need root accress?

    I appreciate all the help, thanks in advanced.

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    What is preventing you from rooting?
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    if you're running 2.1 then you're already rooted. The Eris runs Android 1.5. I know because I own one and I'm ready to throw it through the window at Verizon because I'm tired of waiting for the update.

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    Actually, you can update the phone to 2.1 and not be rooted, which is what I have done. I have tried to run rooted programs (hoping that some how, some way I was rooted, but nope) and then do not work.

    So what is preventing me from rooting at the present time is: once you update your phone to 2.1 (which I already did) there is no way to go back to 1.5 and there is no way known (currently, that I am aware of) that you can root an Eris phone that is on 2.1. You can root an Eris phone that is running 1.5, but as stated before, there is no way to jump back down to 1.5 and I don't want to mess with the phone that much anyway as I don't have a house phone and my phone NEEDS to work.

    So basically I still need an app or something that will allow me to (in an ideal world) create a wifi hotspot.

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    My bad, I forgot about the leaked 2.1 rom. To my knowledge, there is no tethering capability without rooting. Like you, I don't have the camera connection kit yet but I've read that USB tethering won't work so you pretty much have to have wifi. Basically, you need to root, buy a 3g, or get a Pre Plus. If you find anything let us know. I'm hoping that whenever Verizon finally get's 2.1 out that wifi tethering will be available. In the meantime, I'm trying to decide whether to move on to the Pre or get a 3g.

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    I had a HTC Hero and I rooted it. I used the Wifi tethering app and it connected to my ipad with no problem. Its really easy to setup also. The app works on all Android devices.
    Please give me more APPLES!

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    Have you checked XDA-Developers? If anyone will know about rooting it's the guys over there. My Nexus One is rooted and I'm using "Wireless tether for root users" it works flawlessly with iPad,iPhones,laptops..etc the best part with Tmobile they don't restrict my data usage.

    Just make sure if you root go with the Cyanogen rom.

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    Either you will have to root your Eris or jailbreak your Ipad. I like many people made the mistake of upgrading to the leaked 2.1 on my Eris and couldn't get root. Took me 2 months but I found a site with detailed instructions on how to get root on 2.1. You will need to download a custom ROM. I used Evil Eris v2 but there are many.

    This is the link:
    Universal Eris Root for Dummies! - Android Forums

    If you have never rooted an Android maybe you should go with jailbreakin your iPad.

    If you need any help my email is

    Good luck!

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