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    so i have a mac mini that i use as a htpc hooked up to my 46" samsung hdtv and i was wondering if it would be possible to interface the ipad and mini in a way that would let me use the ipad as a remote control for the mini. basically what i would be looking to do is have the exact image that is displayed on the TV also displayed on the ipad, where the touchscreen interface would provide the same functionality that my current wireless mouse does. i know im not the first one that has had this idea, so i figured i'd ask to see if anyone currently has the set-up and how it works, or if anyone knows of any applications or any resourses that would allow me to do this?

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    Touchpad app for ipad lets you use the ipad as the mouse and keyboard. Or you you could use one of the VNC clients to remotely control the mini. Like iTeleport or Logmein.
    But, those are a bit clunky for sitting in the same room. Touchpad works great though.

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