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    What Model Suits Your Needs?..or mine?
    This topic is gonna sound a lil selfish but I'm sure it's gonna help other to make their decision whether or not to buy the 3G version of the iPad based on their own needs.

    Yes, this topic has been already covered but I couldn't get the help I was seeking when I hijacked other threads

    So, I have a MBP and an iPhone. I want to get an iPad's the most recent Apple's gadget and like many of you I GOT TO GET IT.

    At first, I didn't know I would have a use for it but as I am browsing internet reading about what it can do and reading all the cool posts on that forum, I'm like "Oh, it can do that?" And the big question is: should I get the 3G and should it be a 16GO or 32GO?

    Honestly there is also the money factor. I can buy any of them but I don't want to spend too much on my first iPad. Yes, that could already limit my options.

    Obviously I will put some music on it, not too much tho because I already have it on my iPhone. I will put some movies when I will be away for the week end or traveling. I will use Netflix to watch many of the movies/shows I wanna watch home but without having to carry my MPB and the charger around the place. I will put pictures on it because it's a nice way to show them to my friends and family instead of bringing the MBP, etc. I am a writer and I will put many of the things I write so I can have a look at them while on the go and write when inspirations comes to me lol. Carry PDFs too like some books but more magazines and eComics. I would also use it at work to take notes during my meetings.

    What do you think? lol..I know how this sounds like but I need your input to help me make a sound decision.

    3G or not? Well, I have WiFi at my house, not at my office but I am sitting in front of a computer all the time. When I visit family, they have WiFi in their homes. Apparently I can connect to the WiFi in Starbucks If I REALLY need internet cause I'm an ATT&T customer right?

    I will surely find other ways to use the iPad as I am using it. My general thought about the iPad now is "It looks like to be a good solution to be able to do many things I wanna do with such a lightweight and fun device". Like I can carry my work stuff, my books, comics, writing all in one place instead of having my folio pad, my book, my work notes, etc.

    Well, it's kinda a boring topic. Maybe I should hit my office now lol.


    I am gonna get a motorcycle soon and like to go a bit everywhere with one. I can use my iPhone to check my emails if I really want to be bothered with the outside world.

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    I would say that for my own personal needs, the Ipad 64GB Wi-Fi will be enough to suit my needs. I do not require the 3G aspects of it simply because I do not want additional monthly costs for a data plan, and because I have no intention of using it anywhere public where I would need a net connection.

    I'd use it simply for home use with my wi-fi connection, or simply for entertainment with movies/tv shows for flights on a plane.

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    With my iPod Touch I was always running into situations where I missed having the connectivity from my Wifi network.
    I view the $130 differential as insurance (a little steep perhaps) against having a really neat device I can't use whenever and wherever I want. Since a monthly contract isn't required, I can purchase the 3G connectivity as I need/want.
    I went for the 64 gB 3G model

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    I don't know about the free wifi at Starbucks - I think that's only for your iPhone and honestly I have not figured out how to do it even with that.

    I have the wifi version, and honestly if you have an iPhone, you don't really need 3g IMO. I got the 32GB.
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