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    How long did it take to receive your ipad?
    Hi everyone. I'm finally going to jump in and buy a ipad. I've been looking all around ebay, craigslist etc. I came to the conclusion that the ebay prices were fairly high and although I found a couple of 16Gb iPads on craigslist, the owners never returned my calls so that we could set up a time/place to meet.
    In addition to all that, my local Apple and Bestbuy store is sold out of them as well.

    Which led me to the Apple online store. I chatted with a Apple Expert online and they told me that they do have ipads in stock (non-3g).

    With this being my first purchase through the Apple online store, I was wondering if anyone could tell how long it took before they actually received their ipads when they ordered them online.

    Please give me more APPLES!

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    I don't know about delivery of the iPad, but I ordered the InCase, case for iPad on the 21st. It shipped the same day, and I received it the morning of the 24th.
    I suspect if they have them in stock as you were told, delivery will be fairly quick.

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