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Thread: How to play WMV received in email on IPAD

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    How to play WMV received in email on IPAD
    I use my IPAD mostly to go through emails while lounging around the house. I usually get some funny videos that are in WMV format and quicktime on the IPAD cannot open them. Any suggestions?

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    I think you can use Azul Media Player on the iPad... So when you get a WMV attachment just hold the attachment down for like 3 seconds... you get a popover window that will say "Open in Azul". That will launch your video in the player.

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    Thank you!!
    That solved my biggest frustration to date!

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    Also, if VLC is still in the AppStore it works like a charm.

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    I just bought one called "WMV Player" for $1.99. It says it is for the iPhone and the iPad, and it is supposed to play wma, mpeg, mpg, avi and flv formats. Plays files directly from Mail, which is exactly what I was looking for. VLC was definitely not there when I looked.

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