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    When Friends Say...
    I don't know about you guys but every time I even say the word iPad people say ,"Oh, it's just a big iPod Touch." At first I didn't have a good reply but now I compare it to flatscreen tv's. I say it's like saying a 40 inch tv is just a big 10 inch tv , and then they start to see things my way. Hopes this helps people

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    I like the IPad but that is pretty much what it is, what is the big deal anyway?

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    I was anti- iPad until I saw it in action.
    I love to jump out of perfectly good airplanes!

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    The simple truth is, many people just don't "get it". Many think they need a full on OS like OSX, Windows or even Linux. One of then things I like about my iPad is the fact that it is not my desktop in another form factor. I can do 95% of the things I do on s bloated, over kill computer on my pad. In other words my day to day web, email, games, photos, music, video...etc. I now use my desktop for just music creation and photoshop. Everything else I do, I do on my pad. Pad is very portage, fast and stable. It makes the keyboard and mouse seem old school.

    People don.t see it, but devices like the iPad are the future. It will take them a while, but as the years unfold, they will get it. Most homes don't need a traditional commuter, they need a personal computing device...... Like the iPad, and the many variants to come.
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    This is I say when people say its a big iPod Touch

    Lols funny how 99% of you people who complain about the iPad have not even touched one for themselves and yet they complain about it.
    You guys need to see that the iPad is NOT ABOUT THE SPEC's. Its on the experience on using the iPad.
    The iPad is NOT necessary but its fun to use and thats what Apple was planing on it for. It is also something NOT to be compared to a Labtop, it is not suspose to replace that genre.
    Dont say the product sucks because its a overgrown iPod Touch, so what? Does that mean it sucks? No, its fun to use but its not necessary.
    Its something you need to see and play with your own hands (yes yes, thats what she said rolleyes.gif ) to really see what its like, rather then the specs and pure thoughts through the internet.
    Look at the iPhone when it first came out and the negative things people said, look at it now.

    Well not in real life but on the forums.

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    At first, I wasn't interested when I read it was nothing more than a big Ipod Touch. Then I gave it some thought. I love my Ipod Touch. A bigger one would be fantastic. I have ordered the 3g and hope it ships next week.

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    To the original poster.

    I see your reasoning for why you do not think it is just a bigger ipod touch.
    But personally I think in many ways it is just a big ipod touch. And that's why I think the ipad is cool. Well one of the ways .

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    It's true, it is a big iPod touch. But the iPod touch is a fantastic device in itself, a bigger one is even better . And it seems to be the only device where the phrase "The whole web in your hands" applies perfectly.
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    Your new reply should be:

    "And how is that a bad thing" then wait for them to come up with another brilliant quip.

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    They'll probably say it costs more, to which you can say "duh, bigger screen!". For further comments, see the OP's respond above.
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    Even though I sold mine, It's still a really cool device. It's not for everyone and like the other post' above it's not a replacement of anything else nor is it a necessity.

    Like everyone else said, So what if it's a giant iPod Touch at $499 it's not a bad price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZorroAMG View Post
    Your new reply should be:

    "And how is that a bad thing" then wait for them to come up with another brilliant quip.
    That's pretty much my response to people. I like the OS, I would love for it to be on a bigger screen. Hence, the iPad

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