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    iPad Won't Mount
    We pre-ordered an iPad and received it on Saturday. I immediately found out I needed to be running 10.5.8 on my iMac G5, I was running 10.4. So, I ordered a copy of 10.5 online and waited.

    Since we wanted to play with the iPad, we took it over to my parents house and hooked it up to their macbook. They have an intel macbook with 10.5. We couldn't get the ipad to work until it synced with an itunes. We synced it with my parents account and began using the ipad. We didn't download any apps that cost money because it was their account.

    Yesterday, my copy of 10.5 arrives and I install on my imac G5. Upgrade all of the software so now I'm at 10.5.8 OS X and 9.1 iTunes - everything I'm supposed to need for the ipad. Plug it in and it won't mount.

    Tried several different things until I finally went into settings and reset everything on the ipad, so not it's in "out of the box" status and won't do anything until it syncs with itunes. It still won't be recognized.

    Any thoughts?
    Oh, and, aahh, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too...yeah

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    Call apple support..

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    Its very frustrating - that happened to me. You have to completely uninstall itunes from your computer, and then re-install it again. There are support articles on that will help you make sure you completely remove itunes. good luck!!

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