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Thread: touch error

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    touch error

    My iPad has a problem. about 2 cm from the right side of the display (or the upper one if I put it horizontally) my display randomly detects wrong 'touches'.
    I installed 'DrawIt! FREE' to check and indeed, random dots show up (all in one line) and eventually a whole line gets painted.
    Looks like a hardware problem ... what's odd is, that if I turn the device the error moves to another place on the display.

    How annoying, I'm in Europe and can't just walk in an apple store.

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    If the issue is moving to a different part of the screen as you change orientation then it sounds like more of a software issue as opposed to hardware. Perhaps its time for a full restore with a fresh download of the OS and not from a back-up . It cant hurt...

    Hope this helps

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    Are you perhaps touching it in that spot while you turn it on? Maybe where you grip it at while holding it has something to do with it. Just an idea.

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    Well, I was wrong. The problem does not move, only the line that alrady has been drawn does.. if course that's completely logical and unfortunately that points to a hardware problem.
    I've already done several restores, this time even a DFU restore. And I didn't sync anything except the drawing program.. By the way I first discovered the problem while looking at a webpage when all the time links were opened that I didn't click on. the drawing program was just to check.

    And no, I'm not unintentionally touching it, it also happens if it's just lying on a table in another room.

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