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    Apr 08, 2010
    iPad International release
    Hey Guys

    I am just wondering if anyone thinks Mr Jobbs will announce at the iphone OS 4 event the date of the ipad release. I know its mainly for the iphone os but he might just use it as a side announcement ???

    I heard rumours that April 24th is the predicated date for UK and Canada and some other countries if this is true than the timeframe to pre-order will not be the same as when the USA had to order. Do Apple tend to make big deals on announcements like was a big deal made when the announcement for the US release date was made or was the website simply changed.

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    Apr 08, 2010
    I am beginning to think that maybe Apple is going to do a "soft launch" of the ipad here in the UK and the where ever else is getting. Meaning that they will not tell us when its going to be released but just release it and the same for the ipad 3G. It's now come to light that the " 24 and 26 blackout dates for apple store employees taking holidays" was a ploy to confuse the public. Well one internet site said that/

    When itunes started doing videos in the UK they also kept that quiet and just launched it. One minute it was not there the next minute it was and I believe it was after the date that the rumour date was.

    I for one hope that this is NOT the case if it is I do need to pre-order mine if we do get to pre order i hope we can have the option like our Amercian cousins to collect in store.

    Another thing is I heard that Apple stores are recruiting extra staff to help on launch day how can one apply for this specifically not to work full time but as one off.

    Afterthought: Maybe they will do a soft announcement just overnight one night soon change the apple uk (and other countries which have been promised a late april release) website to read now

    ipad now available for pre-order

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