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    What's the purpose of the built-in mic?
    So I'm surfing the forums on my new iPad and was just thinking. If there is no camera on this thing, why is there a mic?

    The iPad doesn't even come with a voice recording app. My first thought that there could be possible voice conferencing apps soon to come? Like an iPad Skype? That'd be cool, share y'alls thoughts

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    Jul 01, 2007
    I am thinking you can buy one and there is a vonage app for the Iphone and Ipod touch that you should be able to use on it.

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    I think you can download the voicememo app from the app store. Other than that I am drawing a blank...

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    Dragon dictation app.
    It works.

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    I am hoping to be able to use Skype without video...?

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    My kids use it to blow out the Zippo Lighter app. There is also a birthday cake app.

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