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    Loving it you can stop reading now or continue.

    I have had the current MacBook and MacBook pro and the Macbook Air so I have something to compare it too.

    I was a bit worried going down in size but now that I have it I find it perfect.

    The screen is awesome. Very clear and bright .
    The keypad is easy to type on no problems here.
    My wi fi never had a problem and it stays connected.
    Love safari thought I was going to have problems getting use to it.
    My favorite app so far USA today.
    I have crappy eyesight however it perfect for everything I do.
    Love the mail app it is awesome.
    Battery is great surfed and did set up from 1pm to 11 pm and it held out a few short breaks in between.
    Do I mis my MacBook not at all, however I misplace this around the house.

    Wish list.

    Printing would be awesome.

    At least for me I would take this over a MacBook air anytime, also forgot no heat at all and no noise.
    With the lit keyboard I can type in the dark.

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    No heat at all?
    That's a big thumbs up in my book, The one thing I can't stand about MBP is the heat.

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    No heat at all .. No were near my iPhone which ran hot.
    I also love no noise as I use it in a quiet bedroom.

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