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    Steve's Keynote Presentation....
    So historically speaking, past product unveilings by El Joboso have left me salivating with debt/credit card in hand to get my hands on the product/software he is demonstrating That being said, after the Keynote on the iPad, I really had no desire "strange sensation" to get one. Steve's casual presentation from his arm chair left me under unimpressed and asking the question, "does this really fill the gadget gap between smartphone and laptop?". However, now that I had seen more reviews from other sources I finally caught the iPad bug and pre-ordered a wifi 3G model. Did anyone else feel this Keynote to be the worst of his career? I'm just saying.....

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    I'm not really liking keynote on the Ipad either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc750 View Post
    I'm not really liking keynote on the Ipad either.

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