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    Hesitant for Now?
    Browsing through this forum it seems as though most people want to wait for the next generation iPad before they buy one. I don't blame them, but I think future generations will not be as stunning as many people predict. Look at the iPhone- in terms of functionality, there is no difference between iPhone 2007 and iPhone 2010, except for memory increase and 3g coverage, and on AT&T that is nothing special(). Same with the iPod Touch- the 1st gen is functionally no different than the latest when you plug in standard apple headphones. So those who are waiting for memory slots and cameras, it is likely that apple will keep you waiting for years and years (), and by then the product will be less novel as competitors start to emerge.

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    More than waiting for the next generation, it makes sense to probably wait for the first wave of onslaught settles down and any kinks gets worked out in the production line..

    Either way..if you've got a few hundred laying around, the iPad is a great way to spend that..I might pick it up next year sometime..


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    That was interesting......I kinda agree with what you say. People would like the iPad to be able to do stuff that then would make it a different product.

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    I have a little netbook that I run Linux on. I'll probably replace it with an iPad in 2011 or so.

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