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    iWork for iPad availability
    Any idea on when iWork for iPad will be available?

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    From what I've read it whould be just there in the app store on iad launch day for $9.99US per App. Each of the 3 apps are being sold seperately for the ipad.

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    I wonder of it would work to use these apps on the iPad. Can you store the files in a specific folder in the iPad you know? Just wondering....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcatquail View Post
    Any idea on when iWork for iPad will be available?
    Seeing as how the iPad hasn't been released yet, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure it will be out when the iPad is out.
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    i doubt it. Seeing as though iPhone OS doesn't really have a file system, i bet you will have a "stack" feature like the iPhone. When you take a picture on an iphone, it saves it in the pictures database, which then can be accessed by any other app. There is probably going to be something similar to that, except for documents.

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