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    Something to add to the Ipad
    What the Ipad WON't do is be a full function universal remote control. I could see that feature being added. Am using a Phillips RC9800 for several years. It's OK, but the Ipad being a living room control device in addition to a replacement for my original still in use 2002 flat panel would make up my mind to buy or not.

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    Apps will come out for that eventually...probably already in the works.

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    Seems like that is a job for an App programmer.

    In fact, there already is at least one app to use the iPhone as a unversal remote:

    UiRemote is like a remote... in your iPhone -- Engadget

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    Well, it seems to me that for that to happen the Ipad would have to have an "IR Blaster" built in that all the boxes could pick up, right? This little Phillips unit I've been using has that. It doesn't though have an RF (UHF) output that will penetrate walls to a "Far" bedroom to change the Sat box channels like the "Far" room remote that came with the box has..For the Ipad to really be a "living room device" thence to bedroom for late nite watching it would have to probably have to have all that remotes now have....including "wizard" for initial set-up like the Phillips. A serious programmer would sure have to work all that out...for example what's called "activity" on the Phillips actually turns on and tunes in 3 boxes to watch TV or a DVD with one icon button push. Think that used to be called "Macro". Hope it happens. That would eliminate all the remotes I now have...about seven I think, all now incorporated in the Phillips unit. Shoot, I can even see a regular Command Chair like Captain Kirk, maybe. The Ipad doing everything...maybe even closing the curtains turning off all the lights etc.

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