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    What you would add to the iPad?
    I thought it would be interesting to get everyone's ideas on what THEY would add to the new iPad. Let's try and keep it one idea per person.....

    I would like to see a blueray/dvd player on these, they are essentially a toy, so why not let them play high definition movies on that incredible screen.....

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    Multitasking would be my #1. I have hopes it will come with a future OS update.

    USB port would be #2. And you could hook a blu-ray drive up that way.

    Even without those items, I can't wait to get my hands on this thing.

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    built-in cameras (front and back) - this seems like a perfect device for videoconferencing/live broadcasting a meeting.

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    Personally I'd like on v2 or 3 of the ipad:

    1. An ipen with handwriting to text technology. So I can take notes with a pen on the ipad and it all saved as a text document.
    2. USB just so it's easy to get data on and off the things.
    That's it really. I think the Ipad is pretty good as it is now.


    To the orininal poster.
    According to the Apple website the ipad can handle video H.264 video up to 720p. That is not the 1080 which is considered HD these days. So you'd need a HD capable screen first before the blu ray player made any sense at all.

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    I personally think its a little silly to wish for things that would so fundamentally change the weight, battery life, cost and purpose of the device that it would no longer be an iPad -- its like wishing that your car had a La-Z-Boy, beer fridge and HDTV in it so it could also be your den. And I know you are thinking right now "that would be AWSUM!"

    Some of the requests above also reflect perhaps a lack of understanding of what the iPad is -- it's not a big iPod, but neither is it a crippled laptop.

    If I had to put it in just a few words, I would say it is an simplified internet gadget aimed at people who want a mobile device that does specific tasks extremely well with no learning curve, no maintenance, no configuration needed. It is not intended to replace a "real" laptop, merely to push the full-blown laptop back to the audience that really needs it: professionals. Most consumers have no use for 95% of what a laptop can do.

    Geeks like us have internalised and normalised much of the "hassle" of owning a computer so much that we don't even notice that its a hassle. We think clearing web caches and defragging and having to wait 30 seconds for the thing to start up is perfectly normal and everybody should just learn to accept these things.

    But "everybody" politely disagrees. Non-nerds do not see a reason why getting on the net or checking email should be any more complicated than operating a toaster (to use the classic example). Many of them just want to surf, check mail, read, listen to music, watch videos and play solitaire. They see no reason this should be so complicated that many of them feel frustrated, afraid and/or stupid when using it. And frankly, they're right.

    Apple has been trying all of its "life" to move consumer computers toward being that straightforward. The iPad is, if anything, the next evolution of the original idea of the iMac: hide the "computer."

    Okay, having said all that, I'm not trying to say that the iPad is perfection and does not need suggestions for improvement; I'm just saying that while it's fun to wish, there's a realistic limit to what's practical.

    Example: I too would have loved a little webcam on the front, and I think the technology exists to pull that off without significantly adding to the weight or thickness. BUT it would have made the device at least $100 more costly, and been too popular on the already-overloaded 3G network to produce a really satisfactory experience. The mic is sufficient, given the inherent limitations of factors beyond Apple's control.

    So as far as suggestions, my main one would have been a built in SD card slot (rather than the available dongle) and a touch version of iPhoto. I think a lot of people who the iPad is aimed at would have liked that.

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    nothing yet ... still salivating at the counter.
    definately mini USB and (camera) card readers. How many travelers drag around a laptop to merely to check email & store digital photos ...

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    Get a grip guys..hardware additions will never happen with USB/Firewire
    iPad version of iPhoto would rock.

    The only other thing I can think of that would be great for the iPad is something similar to Automator...though it would probably eat battery life, and processing power. And I know QuickTime is part of the iPhone OS (ever see a QuickTime coded movie on Safari and viewed it in iPod touch or iPhone?), but how about making that a separate application? Or even Preview (again, I know that the OS is capable of opening PDF's).

    That's about all I can think of that would work on the iPad. The hardware requests? C'mon, face it, it will never be a reality because the iPad is aimed for those that don't want to carry around a crappy netbook PC or a bulky laptop (not that anything Apple offers is bulky, but it is risque for could easily be stolen, then again so can iPad and a crappy netbook) when traveling around. The iPad does simple things, and can keep you entertained for hours. Plus, BluRay? Uh, you're kidding right? There exists software that can rip DVD's to iPhone-capable format (among others) and the iTunes Store- the prime source that Apple expects most consumers who buy an iPad to get movies and TV shows from. USB of any kind? This isn't a laptop, or a crappy netbook. And most of all, this is something that is now beginning to peeve me: that mostly-proprietary (?) 30-pin dock connector of Apple's- that on the iPad shows what pieces of hardware can be designed for the iPad exclusively- already there is the keyboard. A camera could be designed (if I think correctly here, the bottom of the dock is aimed at your face, though you never know what the "ecosystem" could develop here). Extra ports (though I find this to be contradicting to what Apple intended the iPad to be) could be integrated into a dock, and data could hypothetically be transferred to and from the iPad.

    Now, I think this iPad will serve those that will use this to replace their laptop when going short distances or even long distances- basically when they don't need to do intensive computer tasks, other than listen to music, view email, surf the web, entertain themselves and work on spreadsheets, text documents etc. A laptop could easily do those, though, the iPad just makes it easier (and yes, less task intensive).

    I am hearing of a new iPad- 15.4 inch model with a different/modified version of OS X. This is a wait-and-see.

    iPad, here I come.
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    The only thing I really want is a webcam. I don't care for anything else people really want because that's what my other computers are for. The iPad is for fast, easy fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kash View Post
    The only thing I really want is a webcam. I don't care for anything else people really want because that's what my other computers are for. The iPad is for fast, easy fun.
    yes, i agree to add a webcam for ipad, maybe a USB port, it will make the ipad more convenience to me

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    Limited multitasking.
    e-book on one side, notes on the the other. Ideal for college work.
    Don't need full blown, laptop style, multitasking. just two apps.

    2nd Dock connector on the longer side.

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    i would add just one thing a dock that the ipad slides into so that its on its side. haha thats sortve peripheral though

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    I applaud the mostly good (and realistic) suggestions I'm reading. You guys are smart!

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    1. Multi-tasking capabilities: The iPad Tablet can only run one program/app at a time.
    2. More than 64GB flash drive Capacity: The iPad Tablet needs more capacity if it is going to compete with Netbooks and eReaders.
    3. USB Port: The iPad Tablet needs direct attachment to a mouse, keyboard, hard drives, thumb drives, and other external devices.
    4. SD Slot/SD Card Reader: The iPad Tablet needs SD card reader and SD slot built directly into the iPad for semi-permanent storage.
    5. Adobe Flash/Greater HTML5 Player Expansion Capabilities: The iPad Tablet needs adobe flash Capabilities or greater HTML5 player expansion.
    6. HDMI Support/DisplayPort Out Option: The iPad Tablet needs a single-cable way to hook up a TV set or any other device.
    7. Built in front/rear rotating Camera/Videoconferencing/video calling Capabilities: The iPad Tablet needs a built in front/rear rotating camra. Videoconferencing capabilities and quickly snapping a pic of whatever and uploading it to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, ect, can completely revolutionized the concept of mobile communications. Running video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen would mean you would be able to chat and do other things at the same time.
    8. On-Demand Video: The iPad Tablet needs portable TV or high-definition DVR.

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    What I really don't understand is why anyone would want a camera to take pics on the iPad. Are you really going to want to hold up an almost 10 inch device to take a picture. The majority of people have a cell phone or iPhone that can take pics and are more convenient to carry around.

    As for webcam/video conferencing I personally don't need that but I know others do. I have an iMac with built in iSight but I've used it so sparingly that I don't care that the iPad doesn't have it. I don't know any of my friends who video conference on a regular basis so it would be an added cost, in my opinion, that would not be used too often.

    I would like to have multi tasking. Hoping the iPhone/iPad 4.0 software will allow that. USB and/or a SD card connection would have been good. Other than that I can't wait to get the iPad!!!!

    As for some of the comments about having a Blu Ray player I just think that's totally unrealistic. They don't even have Blu Ray players on the desktop/laptop Macs and you want it on the iPad, come on!! That's just a little overboard in my opinion.

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    A front/rear rotating camra for video conferencing on front-facing view and Picture on rear-facing view, and vice versa, would be great for the iPad Tablet. Running video call in either full screen mode or in just a portion of the screen would mean you would be able to chat and do other things at the same time. I know most people I know would love that.

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