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    Professional Music Software for iPad??
    Well, what an impressive little thing.
    The thing is i already have an imac, macbook, iphone, tv, dvd player, and xbox. so i dont have any use for the ipad. The only reason why i would buy one is if there was some sort of unique music software, and if apple was clever they would explore this idea.

    I am primarily a electronic music producer and i am always looking for new creative ways of making music and making new sounds. I use my macbook to travel around and make music on the move and i've been waiting for something good to come out on the iphone that gives me a new dimension to making music.
    I use Logic Pro which is apples exclusive music software. If apple were to do anything themselves, rather then an independent software developer, they should create some sort of software that links up and works with logic maybe?

    But just think of the possibilities!
    there could even be software that allows you too control the mixer and eq's of logic on your imac via the ipads touch pad.

    i could brain storm for hours here. and as i think more and more about it, i doubt im not the only person to think about this. sadly im not a software developer but i bet there are many out there getting excited!

    thoughts welcome....

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    It'd be very cool to a kaossilator kind of thing with it.

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    Kaossilator!! yeeaaa! that would be awesome!
    The problem with the Ipad is it's not powerful enough. On the keynote presentation he was showing safari on it and one of the plugins crashed. And he said it was really fast etc.. but my macbook could load up a page faster. So I could not see how the thing would cope running something to control logic. The things just going to be either insanity slow or just freeze or something
    But maybe they'll come up with something

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    cute idea, but it's so horribly obvious that the entire design of the ipad revolves around ' consumption of media' as opposed to being productive in any way. Is there something the ipad can do your macbook pro cannot?

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    You know doppy, in a sense, that software has already been made. There are numerous midi controller software packages already out for iPhone and would certainly run just fine on iPad. I'm assuming many of the companies and private developers whom made those will most likely make some kind of new version for their wifi enabled midi controllers that take advantage of the iPad's large display.
    Kaossilator could be cool if it was strictly the synth type. KP3 style wouldn't work so well as you'd need audio inputs to modify the sounds real-time which I don't think it's really equipped to do. What I'd love to see someone make (erhm, YAMAHA!) is a software version of the Tenori-On. That would be perfect for the iPad!

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    Doopy, I think you are just like all of us: you really want to buy an iPad and are trying to find a good reason that will justify your future purchase

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    A reminder: Anything that runs on the iPhone should also work on the iPad, thus there are ALREADY a wide variety of music-making, recording and other "musical" apps for the iPad.

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    Lightbulb Sample Lab
    FYI Release date July 2010 - professional sampler production studio for iPad.

    Here is a sneak peek:
    YouTube - sample lab - sampler production studio for iPad

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    Reason or FL Studio would be Sweet.
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    I use my iPad to throw a beat together, and then import into my DAW. Don't really want to use it for complete production. But, I do look forward to future apps. The iPad is so new, a year from now there will be some options....

    The iPad is a creative persons dream... People are already doing cool things on it in art, photography, writing and even some music. It is a great creative tool......
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