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    Quote Originally Posted by travelerBT View Post
    3 reasons why I will NOT buy right now

    1. No Camera built in. I LOVE my camera on my mac book pro... very convenient and useful
    2. No ability to use multiple apps at the same time. With the 1GHz processor, it should have no problems doing this.
    3. And most importantly, no FLASH SUPPORT! The tout this as being able to browse the web just like a computer browser, but more then %30 of websites out there utilize flash in some way shape or form... crazy that it doesn't have support for flash.

    my thoughts.
    I don't see the big deal with a camera, I don't need to take pictures of myself from my iPad, and I don't think 3G is good enough for video calls anyways is it? Multiple apps, yeah, that would be nice, but it's not a make or break deal for me.

    Now, Flash, you say 30% of the web uses it, but for the sites you use most often, how critical is the flash content really? I use the internet on my iPhone all the time, browse hundreds of different sites, and I never really missed Flash. I do hope they implement it, now that it should be no problem with the extra screen size and processing power, but I don't see it as a deal breaker.

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    You have lots of money

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasGeorge View Post
    I wish you people would stop talking about the iPad being a "phone." It isn't. There is no way you an make or receive a call on it. It is not a phone. In fact, if you buy the 3g version, you'll undoubtedly find that even VOIP has been blocked by your carrier. If I'm wrong about this, please explain the phone function to me. I'd really like to know.
    I agree 100%. It's a big ITouch. I think it's cool technology but can't think of a reason I would want it. I have two Imac's in the house with a gorgeous screen and all the apps I want. I have an IPhone. So why would I want to lug this around? No camera so I can't video conference. No usb so I can't upload / download from a thumb drive. And a $2.50 paperback can be tossed on the car seat but this? Nope you need to carry it with you or it will be stolen. I just don't get it. And I currently have AT&T on my phone and the 3G is really poor where I live. So why would I want sucky edge network on this as well???
    Sorry guys, I really want to believe. I just can't get past the idea of a laptop being better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
    Now that all of the January 27, 2010 announcements are are my 15 reasons for considering the purchase of the new iPad.

    11. What about the rotating vertical vs. horizontal viewing ability (similar to the iPod Touch or iPhone)?...can't do that with a laptop!
    12. .
    I just think that having a rotating viewing ability is a bad argument to make for buying this.
    I think that apple has dropped the ball on this release. Not enough customization available. If they are intending this to compete with netbooks/tablets then it needs to live up to that. Until it can run office or at least word i would suggest not making the purchase.

    Looks like apple needs to go back to the basics......
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeL View Post
    I just think that having a rotating viewing ability is a bad argument to make for buying this.
    Of course the rotating viewing ability of the iPad is not the ONLY reason to purchase an iPad. But if you take this attribute + some of the other 14 things can make a case for purchasing.

    The title of this thread is, "15 Reasons to Consider Purchasing an iPad.".

    Some folks may only need 1 reason, others 3 reasons, still others 5 reasons...and still others may need 20 reasons to purchase the iPad.

    No one said that each of the 15 individual reasons had to have enough merit by itself to purchase an iPad!

    - Nick
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    Check this out:

    Windows 7 on the iPad? There's an App for That -

    With Citrix on the iPad, I can connect to work remotely and use our company's entire suite of applications (if need be). That's a BIG reason. At least for me - it means I'll be able to do 95% of what I do on my laptop with this thing. This might just replace my MacBook Pro.

    The more I look at this thing, the more I'm thinking I might want one. If it had an SD slot to expand storage, it would be a no-brainer. I wonder if the OS will eventually support removable media through the expansion port.
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    I understand everyone has different rational for justifying the purchasing of an iPad.

    But I think one reason that may be confusing folks is trying to justify the iPad purchase by thinking that it has to be a laptop replacement.

    I think that the iPad has some unique abilities or attributes vs. a laptop...that make it a great compliment to a person's overall computing experience...rather than a replacement for another computing device such as a laptop.

    These attributes or abilities could be:

    - it's flatness...maybe more "usable" when laying horizontal on a couch or in bed vs. a laptop
    - it's simply less bulky than a laptop...for more "casual" computing situations (e-mail, music, and internet)...on the couch.
    - it's speed of startup
    - it's speed of launching & closing apps
    - the fact (hopefully) that it doesn't get hot like a laptop
    - vertical vs. horizontal viewing (maybe better or more fun for different tasks)
    - the built in accelerometer...may make playing games more immersive
    - it's book-reading ability
    - etc.

    Again...maybe the iPad is not meant to be a laptop replacement...maybe it's meant to be looked at as a device to compliment or enhance a person's computing experience in certain situations. Maybe it should be viewed more as a "nice to have item"...but not as a "have to have item" like a laptop for getting more "serious" stuff done.

    Besides...what are all of these electronic gizmos & gadgets for many cases just toys for adults!

    Just something to think about,

    - Nick
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    Nick, I agree 100%. Only reason I mentioned the Netbook part was because so many are saying it's a Netbook replacement that
    it does everything a netbook will do. That part is not true but for most normal users, the iPad will do everything they would ever do on a Netbook or even full sized laptop for that matter!

    Just the crazy people like me that do a lot of non typical stuff will need more than the iPad offers at present. I still want one for the 95% of the stuff I do and would be so easy from my couch!

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    The more I see of it the more I like it. That said, I'm waiting for the 3G chip to become standard when they ditch the non-3G chip (like they ditched the 4GB iPhone). I also won't buy without a webcam integrated. Your reasons are good, though I would suggest it does not replace a Mini (FW800, USB, DVD-RW, media center, etc...) Keep in mind, you still need a real OS to run things like Handbrake, MTR, etc to get some of your content into a usable format for iTunes. I use screen sharing to access my Mini so I don't have a KVM for it, and thus it doesn't save me anything there. I'm guessing the iPad could do that as well with proper software... of course, that may well be a $9.99 App Store purchase. I have yet to pay for any app (except Dynolicious - a waste of money). I think the no-contract AT&T data thing is nice, but then again... where else are you going to be able to gas it up in the USA? May as well be a contract in that respect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluefox9er View Post
    5 reasons not to buy it..

    NO USB
    NO Card Reader
    NO Multi-tasker
    NO Internal DVD
    NO Connectivity to external drives.

    It's just a BIG iphone, nothing more, nothing less. What a wasted opportunity to do something truly innovative.

    I would bet my mortgage that if Steve Wozniak designed this it would have been a different story...

    But if you are on the market for a Kindle, then get an ipad instead!
    i totally agree with that, the new device make me disappointed.

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    Anyone thinking there are no Office apps better go check out the Keynote video. All the iWork apps have been redesigned and are ready to go on the iPad.

    Don't think I'll need them (at least not all three of them), but they look to have a pretty nice touch screen feature set and will be available individually at $10/ea.

    The whole keynote re-iterated several times, this is not a replacement device for a computer.
    This is something to fill the hole between the iPod Touch and the PC.
    If you were/are looking for a replacement for your computer, this is not it.
    It is not meant to be.
    If you are one that needs your full computing power with you at all times, this device is not for you.
    If you insist on comparing it to your Mac/PC, it is not for you.

    If you need your full computing power with you at all times, the iPod Touch is not for you either.

    I don't get this mentality of any new device having a requirement of being "all things to all people".
    If it were, none of us mere mortals would be able to afford one as no one has the manufacturing capability to put out a couple billion units.

    If it's not for you because it is not a computer, OK. We get it.
    Not all of us were looking for a "replacement" for our computer.
    Quite frankly, I'd hate to be creating business documents, editing / encoding video, attempting a video chat (with a hand held 10" display???) on a device this size.

    This is a whole new market that has been opened up by a combination of devices like the Sony and Amazon e-readers, iPod touch, PSP and other hand held gaming devices all being combined into a single device in a screen size that someone older than 15 can see without having to double up on their reading glasses.

    It is not for power users. Heck, I have 6 other computers at my disposal for all my power computing needs.

    Yeah, it'd be nice to have 4 USB ports (that are almost as tall themselves as the iPad btw) FW 400, FW800, eSATA, optical audio out, HDMI, 250GB SSD, 1 GB ATI 5870, 3.2 Ghz core i7 and a full blown OS on a 10" screen 1/2" thick. I say keep dreaming. At the level of today's technology, try $10,000 instead of the $500 the iPad starts at.

    I say, so sorry about your bad luck. This surely is not the be all and end all for this type of device. It's the beginning, the first of it's kind.

    I'd have bought it if it were nothing more than an e-reader with full color capabilities. I've been waiting for that for well over 2 years since my wife got her Kindle. Not to mention newspapers and magazines, there are whole classes of books for which color is essential. Not only is the iPad that, but internet, email, pictures, music, movies, and hand held gaming (games which generally are 1/5 to 1/2 the cost of games on other hand held devices).

    Those that have mentioned drawing/painting, suggest you go watch the Keynote for the app that's going to be available at launch. With the entire iWorks package being ported to the iPad, that means there is the opportunity for other Office apps to port if they have the desire and much more.

    Just from watching the Keynote and the game developers they had on, you begin to get a sense of what can be done with this that just can't happen on the 2-3" displays of an iPod, Zune... At the same time, there are still things you'll want your 27" display for that this 10" just does not provide the real estate for.

    We have a pretty good base of long timers around here that realize a Mac and OS X is not for everyone. There are still some things for which many of us recommend a Windows machine rather than a Mac.

    No difference with this device. It surely is not for everyone. We get it. To the disappointed fanboys, welcome to the real world.

    If Steve Wozniak designed it, it would be different. Hah!! Yeah, right. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

    One of the founders of that other OS has been touting and showing off touch screens for at least the last 10 years. Where is the hardware? Please show me one. Or at least show me one at a price point that makes it available to the masses. No? Didn't think so.

    While I'm not jumping up and down about the iPad, I am as excited as a 60 yr old gets anymore and really can't wait to get my hands on one.

    For those that were wanting a $400 notebook from Apple, too bad is all I can say.
    I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth.
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    Great post Bob!

    What you said above brought a BIG smile to my face & made me laugh!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel & what you mean..."I am as excited as a 60 yr old gets anymore and really can't wait to get my hands on one."

    The more "mileage that's on the ol' odometer", and the more experiences you've had, the more it takes to "see something new" and get excited about it!


    - Nick
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    Oh well, I was waiting for the announcement before making a decision and now I've made it! I was hoping for a tablet of a similar size but with MacOS rather than iPhoneOS! also I would have liked removable media too. It is a decent enough device IF it does what you want (which it will do for most people) but for me the decision is made...... One modbook coming my way, this is what I would have liked from Apple. No doubt the iPad will be a success (I think my wife will get one) but its not for everyone and I would prefer something more akin to a computer.

    For ME

    The modbook is larger; I prefer the pen; it has MacOS; it has multiple USB ports; it connects to a monitor, mouse and keyboard; It takes a 2.5" drive so I can get 500gb on it; it is faster and it can take 4gb RAM.

    But this is just MY case, there is no argument for me this is better. I do look forward to playing with my Wife's iPad though.
    Experienced computer user, applications programmer and component level service engineer but came to the Apple platform with intro of intel!. Pro-photographer and director of electronics company.

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    Great post bobtomay. Very well said.

    I'm sick of everying poo-pooing the ipad for every reason they can think of. And just cause it can not do 100% of the tasks they do on a daily basis. I think the Ipod touch is a good example. It sold very well mind you it does nothing a Macintosh or other ipod can already do. And do well I must say. But still people brought the ipod touch in droves. They love it.

    And I think the ipad will be the same. It's not for everyone. It is not a macbook replacement. And the ipad is not a device that aims to do everything well, like Macintoshes can. The ipad does a few select things but does them really well and in a very sleek portable way.

    I think Jobs genius is not filling a niché in the market. I think he is best at creating a product and then make people try it and buy it and then people wonder how they ever lived without the product. Like Jobs creates new product for a new niché Apple just came up with for the product.

    Right now no one needs an ipad. But give it a year or so and I bet a lot of people will say they need one. And that happens a lot then Jobs wins. It happened with the ipod touch and my guess is it will happen again with the ipad.

    So everyone should stop poo-pooing the ipad for what it does not have and talk about what it can do. And it can do a lot. I can already think of a lot of industries that could use them. Medicine, hospitality, Corporate (the land of big business CEO's and their meetings), explorers (with the GPS), students (with ibooks for textbooks and pages for lecture note taking), warehousing and trades (could be used in a warehouse to send goods information around, could save lots of paper in the long run) and some more I can't think of.

    My whole point is give the device a chance. And say 2-3 years have a look at it and see how successful it is. Something can be really feature filled or feature sparse. But it's really a success only if the public embrace it and use it a lot.


    [edit] Many people think the ipad is the piture below but it is not. It's more then that. So much more.

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    LOL, great picture.

    I don't think it's very productive as a note taking device if I have to use the on screen keyboard. That's my main concern. I rather have a stylus pen and hand write.

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