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    code signing .pkg files
    I have a non-apple code signing certificate that I'm trying to use on applications made with PackageMaker in Mavericks.

    I identify the certificate in PackageMaker under the package 'configuration' tab, build and test the package. All is good.

    I upload the package to my web-site so my clients can get it (ftp/fetch). When it is subsequently downloaded the user gets a message that the package is damaged and should be moved to the trash.

    If not signed, there is no damage.

    What do I need to do to get the signed package up onto the web-site for distribution without damaging it?

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    Moved to the development forum.

    Take a look at this.
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    It's an older thread discussion but maybe still the answer if not more restricted with updated OS security..???

    osx mountain lion - Non-Apple Issued Code Signing Certificate: Can it Work with Mac OS 10.8 Gatekeeper? - Stack Overflow

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