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    Hey guys

    So I am very new to both coding and developing apps but it is something I am very interested in.

    I have recently downloaded Xcode and the programs that come with it. I also have a basic idea of what I would like to achieve

    Basically I am trying to create an information app. Nothing too spectacular (I hope).
    I don't know if anyone can give me some sort of assistance in creating it.

    I'm hoping to have a loading screen with a photo on it, followed by possibly a list where the user can click on which opens up a new page which is full of information that I can fill with text, photos and possibly even a video.

    I don't know if this type of app is possible but I would sure appreciate anyone lending a hand in trying to create something like this.

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    That doesn't sound too onerous - much of what you said is relatively basic. You might be better off seeking help from a programmers forum or an iOS development specific one. You may also want to take a look at a book or two if programming is new to you. What do you know about coding?
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    I has hoping you'd say its fairly basic - and it's come that way.

    I'm looking into some books today to help me get going.
    What I know about coding - its very very limited; i understand how all the coding needs to be broken down in [ ] and the use of ; I have been watching very basic tutorials on youtube as well as reading a few blog posts on it all.

    Hopefully I can find a programmers forum that will expand on everything

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