I am having some issues with distributing an app. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction here. I would really appreciate some assistance.

Scoular has an Enterprise Developer License. I inherited an app that was signed by a different developer. I think I got all my credentials downloaded and Scoular's credentials. I made a copy of the app and reset files and paths, etc. I can get it to build in the simulator and on my iPhone. I then archived it. I sent it out to a small group of people at Scoular using Profile Manager and everything worked fine.

Then I sent it out to about 20 employes (or rather sent out an email with a profile installer. The user pushes the button and profile installs, but when the app tries to download they get this error below.

Searching Google says that the app is not signed correctly. The other users worked because they were listed under iOS Devices on the "Certificates,Identifiers, & Profiles" area on the web, so those devices are the ones that are used for test and developing.

So I signed the app and built it again, but now I cannot add it to the App section on Profile Manager! Profile Manager really has been giving me fits.