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Thread: Which Developer Account?

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    Which Developer Account?
    Here is the situation, we may be purchasing a developer account for me to trial run Mac OS X before it is released. I have an interest in developing for iOS, and would really like to try iOS 7 as well. If I get the iOS developer account, will that include the beta of Mac OS X and iOS, or just iOS?

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    I'm not sure that the issue is here. To develop iOS applications, you'll need a Mac anyway so you don't need the developer previews of OS X (you wouldn't want to develop on them anyway). However, if you're looking to install OS X on a non-Apple machine, we can't offer any assistance.
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    Sorry, I guess I was not perfectly clear. I have an iPhone and a macbook pro. I would like to test Mac OS X 10.9 on our network environment through out the beta to solve issues before we end up purchasing new computer with it preinstalled. I would also like to try iOS 7 out on my iPhone. As far as the developing, I would not be doing this on the beta OS, I would continue to use Mac OS X 10.8 as my primary OS, and run 10.9 on other partition or virtually.

    So I just want to know if I was to sign up for the iOS developer account, would this give me access to the beta for both iOS and OS X, or would I have to sign up for both iOS and OS X developer accounts?

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    Simple to figure out actually, just visit, sign in with your Apple ID and choose either iOS Dev Center or Mac Dev Center and you will see OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 Beta SDK grayed on either and you get:
    Access to iOS 7 SDK beta
    You must have an active iOS Developer Standard or Enterprise Program membership to access the development resources for iOS 7 SDK beta.
    Access to OS X Mavericks
    You must be enrolled in the Mac Developer Program to access the development resources for OS X Mavericks
    So they are two different accesses that control iOS and OS X..

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    I have seen this as well, but what I was getting at was everywhere that talks about the 2 betas, the say they you need to be an apple developer to download the Mac OS X beta and you need to be a apple developer to download iOS7 beta. Not referring to the programs separately.

    I was really looking to hear back form someone in the iOS Developer Program or the OS X Developer Program to confirm or deny that I would have access to both betas purchasing only 1 program. If you are a registered developer in one of these 2 programs and can confirm or deny this then that is exactly the answer I am looking for, can't go by what the public can see, it is listed the same everywhere and is not clear, I have looked everywhere.

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