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    Noob Questions
    First off I'm sorry I even started this thread but I need help. I no nothing about app development but I would like to learn. I really want to create an app in the Master-detail format. Right now i'm trying to set up the lists of things I want or the "Prototype Cells" anyways, a few questions I have right now are, Is there a way to put cells within cells? For example I want an app that gets more specific with each cell you click. Like, "Science-->Chemistry-->Organic Cheimstry" I hope what I'm asking makes sense. Another thing I have is where can I learn about coding in Xcode? I feel completely lost but I really want to learn. Thanks for your help. I'll post anymore questions I have and if anyone else has "basic" questions about Xcode they could post them here.

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    You already post a thread seeking help getting going on iOS development here, and did you follow the advice there and read the book?

    For what you are trying to make, you wouldn't nest a cell inside a cell, but rather you've have different cells and use a UINavgiationController type thing like the iOS Settings app for example.

    Your top level would have things like Science, Math and so on. If Science is clicked, you'd have Chemistry, Physics, Biology, on the second page. If Chemistry is clicked, you'd have Organic Chemistry and whatever others and you could present your information on that new page or provide specific topics in Organic Chemistry and dig deeper..

    Each time, the top nav bar will change to reflect where you are and you get the backward button to go back..

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