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    Printer connection in iphone Programatically
    Can you please tell ,is it possible to connect printer in iPhone programatically?
    if it is connect,how can we develop?
    it is very urgent...Please Help me...

    Thank you,

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    Not dealt with printing in an app yet myself, but there is Apple documentation on the subject.

    Regards Mark

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    As suggested, the recommended method is to use Airprint with an Airprint printer.

    Airprint and and I'll mention below both require a WiFi connection from the iOS device and a printer connected to the same network.

    You can write your own printing system but it is hell. First the best thing to do is to monitor for printers by using Bonjour. Then present the user with your list of found printers to the user and make an NSStream connection to the chosen printer to send the printing description file.

    To convert to the printer language from input, Ghostscript can help in some cases. This is the trickiest issue. If your printer handles Postscript or the HP PCL languages, you maybe able to use GS.

    Another issue is printing in the background when the user switches apps. There maybe something you can do here, but you app wouldn't have the same background privilege as Apples Airprint.
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