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    need help...please
    hi brothers

    ihave an question
    i want to learn xcode 4 from the scratch (from zero)
    is there any pdf book or videos for learning it??????????????????

    if you learn xcode4 good...will you need to learn C++ language too????????

    please i want a right and good answer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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    Please be sure to try the forum's search feature as this question has been asked very frequently. In fact, if you look just a few threads down in this forum, you'll find it was just asked in this thread:
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    XCode 4 is not a language. XCode is an IDE used to write programs. With XCode you can write for a variety of languages, including C, C++ and Objective C. Objective-C is the language (and really C) are the languages you will need to learn to be able to develop for the iOS and OSX platforms. I say C because Objective-C is a strict superset of C - you can find some good tutorials and books for Objective-C and working with that will get you started, but at some point you will want to become more familiar with C. I say this because there are some libraries that are used in iOS and OSX that are C libraries and not objective C, so it's good to have an understanding of C as well.
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