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Thread: GUI without IB

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    GUI without IB
    Dear all

    I am very thankful to this forum as I started with zero knowledge and then I was able to make some small applications.

    Now I just want to explore the GUI part. I want to create some GUI (Specially Navigation based , where login screen comes and then after login, a list of project names, then touching one project names takes to another view which contains files name, which can be considered as submenus and so on. At any time, previous parent menu can be seen)

    I just want to have some reference guide/tutorial for the same and that also without using IB.

    Plz help me out.

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    Well, for a login dialog, you can use an alert view that you insert a few UITextFields in or you can use the initial view controller to handle it and not pass on other view controllers until successful login.

    In terms of operation, I'd have a UINavigationController with its root view controller being the one that will handle the login process - if the user fails, alert them, but offer for them to try again. If they succeed push a new view controller with your next view - be it a list or a menu or whatever. you just push new views to dig deeper and pop out views to move pack to previous views. Your view after login should probably have an option to log out so it would pop back to the login view.

    In all honesty, unless there is a specific reason - laying out your UI's within IB is a much easier process - you can do it all yourself if you really want to, but if it were me, I'd do most of it in IB.
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    Thanks for the reply!!

    I will follow your suggestion without using IB and will post the query if any!!

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