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    Need honest opinions...
    Okay so I am in high school currently developing an app with my friend. The app should be done and in the app store in about 14-18 days. Its .99 cents and a pretty basic app. It's a soundboard with certain nature sounds and around 20 of them which we plan to expand on in the further with updates. It looks very professional and is fun to mess around with. Based off of your previous experience selling apps how many do you think I can sell within 3 months with heavy promotion and advertisement to friends, family, and on forums, etc.... honest opinions are greatly appreciated.

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    A soundboard with 20 sounds? With "heavy" promotion to your family and'll sell as much of those members you have. I wouldn't expect a ton of sales for this sort of an app..the App Store is filled with countless similar apps so the competition is tough..and also what sells is new ideas..not rehashes of what already exists..
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    I'm just hoping mine can become a little I tried to make it different than most other ones like it.

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    Kind of tough to get an honest opinion about such topic: The developer sais "my app is different and special", the consumer sais "I have seen this many times". Your description of "is fun to mess around with" doesn't make it seem to interesting to me.

    If you are saying the app is on the store in 14 days - that means you already have a developer account and paid to submit apps for approval. So get it up and see what happens...

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    true.....I'll just have to put it out there and wait to see what happens...I have so many more ideas being drawn up right now....this app is important to those ideas to get them going. So we'll see.

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    You also need to define "heavy promotion." Your app will appear on Apple's new apps list on release day, but that may be the bulk of your marketing.

    Do you have a website? Screenshots? Maybe a short video demonstrating it that you could put on YouTube? A Facebook page maybe? If you plan to add a bunch of features later on, you could mention that in your app description as well.

    Otherwise, put it up see what happens. Nothing like learning by diving right in.

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