Hello Guys,

I had already posted this, probably in the wrong place, sorry abaut the duplicated post, but somehow i cannot delete the other.

Basically im looking for an apple programmer, expecific a professional to create a real deal software.

Im a club manager, personal trainer and fitness instructor and im looking for a developper to create a great software to make evaluation, reports and fitness prescription so personal trainers can use on Fitness/Health clubs. All apps that i tried and i probably tried all in app store, are "non professional" or too much stuffed with crap.

I was thinking something that we can use on a mac to create the database with all clients data and evaluations and another apps for iphone/ipad, that the Personal Trainer could push into his device or his clients with reports or workout programs.

I've created an IMBA excel with all data, formulas and a "report layout" for start.

If anyone interested let me know and ill send my e-mail thu PM.

Thanks in advance.