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Thread: 1 Password for iOS

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    1 Password for iOS
    Does anyone here use the app 1Password for iOS? If so, will this app work on my Mac MacBook Pro and I-Phone as well as I pad? Or are there 2 different versions of the 1 Password app
    one for Mac & Mac Book Pro and a separate version for the I-Pad I-Phone and I-pod?

    I also have a follow-up question The APP store price is $50.00 is that for just a year or until you upgrade?

    I really need to find out before I go ordering this app.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, CapnFred

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    You really should go to their web site and get the answers to your questions first hand, however:

    1Password for iOS and for Mac OS X are separate applications and must be purchased individually. You probably don't need 1Password for iOS if you use your Keychain for securing your passwords on your iPhone and iPad.

    The license for 1Password is good until a major upgrade is issued and then it must be purchased as an upgrade. For example: I used 1Password version 3 for several years until version 4 was issued. I had to buy an upgrade license for version 4.

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    Thank you Very Much for your quick response. I really appreciate it. Fred

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