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    Templates in Pages for taking notes
    Hi Guys

    Ive started using Pages to take notes during lectures. Currently using the Blank document template but to be honest i'm not impressed, I really want to keep all my notes and lectures materials in Pages, and Keynote but using the blank document template is taking up a lot of time just hitting tab and trying to line notes up which is a bit annoying when you have to take down notes fast.

    Microsoft office seems to have much better templates for taking down notes.

    Is there anywhere you can download a really good template for taking notes ??

    Ive tried a few from the app sttore but to be honest they suck.

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    Microsoft office seems to have much better templates for taking down notes.
    Then use MS Office Word instead of Pages. Of course that means spending around $100 instead of using the free Pages. Bottom line: The free Pages templates that are in the Mac App Store are not worth the effort of downloading them. There are several nice template packages for Pages but are not free. And the problem with buying those packages is that you will never use 90% of the templates that are included.

    What you can do is design your own template for taking notes. Designing and saving a template in Pages is very easy. Any custom template you design gets added to your template collection and shows up when you choose which to use.

    Also, here's another idea: How about using the free One Note from Microsoft? It works with Windows and Mac OS X and is specifically designed for taking notes. You can learn more about it at this link.

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