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    Calls go straight to Voicemail
    Calls to my iPhone 5s (7.1.1) go straight to voicemail – the phone does not ring at all. The only exception is when the phone is not asleep (i.e. with all the icons showing) – in this case the phone rings as one would expect.

    Many thanks in advance for comments.


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    We had a lot of trouble with this ourselves recently. Resetting the network settings on our iPhones seems to have cured it. Before you start, make sure you have a complete backup done via iTunes (or iCloud if you do it that way). Next, open up the Settings app on your iPhone, then go to "General", "Reset", "Reset Network Settings". This will wipe all network-related settings, including wi-fi passwords, but nothing else.

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    Thank you very much for taking the trouble to reply.
    Earlier today I tried all kinds of things including the “Do not Disturb” function. I’m now not quite sure what I did but it is (touch wood!) OK. I’ll keep your suggestions in reserve in case my fix was not permanent.

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