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    Straight To Swift or Objective C
    Hi, i've been building websites for the last 12 years, mainly front end html and css, with a small bit of backend php and mysql.

    I am now hoping to dive into the world of App Development and i have a few questions which i hope someone can help me with please:

    01 - Should i go straight to learning Swift or should i start with Objective C
    02 - Do you have to have Xcode 6 to use Swift
    03 - Can i download Xcode 6 or do i have to wait until it is officially released
    04 - Can anyone recommend a good source / book for learning Swift
    05 - Any other advice about starting off in iOS development would be greatly appreciated, especially considering i am coming from more of a front end background

    Thanks in advance for you help.

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    1. If you're going to use tools native to iOS and don't use a cross-platform solution, you might as well start learning Swift.
    2. Yes, Swift is only available for XCode 6.
    3. You can get XCode 6 if you're a registered developer.
    4. Apple has released an iBook detailing the language. See here.
    5. Are you only interested in iOS development? Regardless, there are a whole host of languages and frameworks you can use. Since you have extensive web development experience, you might be interested in PhoneGap which lets you write apps for a whole host of mobile platforms using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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    Cool, thanks for your help, much appreciated...

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    May want to read this. A very respected voice in the programming community:

    iOS Developers Need to Know Objective-C | Big Nerd Ranch

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