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Thread: Using 2 Email Apps Simultaneously

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    Using 2 Email Apps Simultaneously
    Re: IOS/iPhone

    Right now I am using the 'Mail' app for my hotmail account. My hotmail account is used for personal emails.

    1. I have a business email with gmail. Are there any email apps for gmail?

    2. If so, can I use a 2nd email app while using the Mail app for my iPhone? I think I should be able to.


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    Of course, you can use the GMail app.

    You can also just setup multiple accounts and use the Mail app itself.

    I have 2 personal GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and 1 work Gmail account all in the Mail app and it works fine. I set one of my personal GMail account to be the default. As long as you check WHICH account you are sending your emails from, you'll be fine..

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    Is there any reason that you don't want to use your for both email accounts?

    You could keep them separated with a rule or filter if you want or need, and have them both available within

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    I actually thought I that was not possible to use 2 emails for one app. But I think I will do that

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