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    Drawing App for taking notes
    What's an app that you can take notes with on iPad? I'm too lazy to type so all I want to do is get my stylist pen or my finger to write notes down. It's specifically for taking notes when I am on the phone or listening to someone speak in person.
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    I personally prefer Write Pad since it will do handwriting recognition. I have a few other apps I use, but I don't have my iPad with me atm. Write Pad has been around for a long time and is still being updated regularly.

    If you just want to be able to scribble your notes without handwriting recognition, there are a ton out there now that support that. I usually prefer paid apps or free apps without ads but with in app purchases as I don't like dealing with ads popping up as I'm working.
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    I luuuuuuuv Notability by Ginger labs!
    My life has been much more organized since downloading this app. You can type, or write. You can Record audio! You can attach audio to your note. You can draw a picture within your note "cut" a circle around it and place it within your note wherever you want. You can send your note or drawing as a PDF (with wifi activation and a PDF app installed).
    I directed a film last Summer. I shudder to think what I would have done without this app

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    I noticed there's a lot of free apps with ads, too. Also, before buying, I check the reviews.
    Sincerely, Quietone

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