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    How to make iPhone ring for in-coming Skype call?
    My iPhone does not yet have a SIM but it works via Skype. However, when there’s an incoming call, it does not ring or vibrate although I do see a visual note to the effect that there’s a Skype call coming in. How can I make the iPhone ring?
    Thanks in advance for comments.

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    Problem solved but I’m not quite sure how! There are various posting accessible via Google for this very problem.

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    Glad you got that sorted out. I saw some of those posts while researching this a bit.. Seems like they were all over the place in terms of possible solutions. Any idea what the fix was?
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    Thanks for your interest.

    Well, I think it was to do with the “Do not disturb feature”. However, I was feeling pretty woozy after a long lunch with friends when I tried some of the suggestions at:

    incoming skype calls are not ringing on my iphone - Page 3 - Skype Community

    As I say earlier, not quite sure what I did!


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