Im in a Legal battle at the moment, and like most Corporates, still use Windows. I had my solicitor send me some Doc's to sign and then slow mail them back to her. I saved them to my Documents folder and proceeded to open them in Word for Mac.

Yea they looked OK, then as I scrolled through them, and then back to the top, the text (was highlighted over with a light grey) started to disappear in front of my eyes. I shut it down and opened it up again, and decided to print Straight away. Got the 10 pages and noticed 75% of the text missing.
So I tried the other Document, and the next and after 60 pages of Printing I tried to look into it more.

I had all the Fonts on my Mac, so that wasn't the problem, I had a look at them in the Print Preview and there was a lot of dotted lines making a block of black, where the text should be.
I though, oh no, it must be the printer, but thought back to the text in Word.
I opened them in pages. I printed off and all text was there, but some Boxes, and Checkmarks where not there (and I thought as much with the formatting difference between the 2 Apps, (but I must say, Pages is handling Word Documents so much better now than it did before the big overhaul)), so I tried in Open Office and Libre Office (and thats becoming a beautiful App now too> Will keep it on my Mac) but just quite not right.

I was running out of time to get these signed and sent, so I thought I would put them in OneDrive and open them in Word for iPad and see what happens.
Well blow me off a log with a straw, when I selected Print, they came out 100% Perfect. I mean not a Font/line/checkbox/heading/page/page number/ or Signature box was out of place. I quickly sent all the Doc's to OneDrive and opened them up in Word for iPad and printed them off, signed them with a witness and sent them to the Solicitor.

Its a long post, but honestly, even though you can only read in the Word for iPad, it will be staying put now and will use it every time I need to print off the a word document. So you don't need a subscription, and if you too are always getting Word for Windows Documents sent to you, and have a iPad then you will never have a problem with formatting and printing the **Exact** same document you received.

Microsoft has done something right, but has me befuddled why the difference between the Mac and Windows version and formatting ?!?!?!?! Hmmmmm