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    Transfer app to computer
    I tried to transfer an app from my ipod touch to my computer follwoing the instructions on the Apple support page. My computer is authorized. I followed the instructions, highlighted iPod in iTunes, went to File menu, clicked devices and then Transfer Purchases from "my ipod" Before doing so I highlighted the app to transfer.

    Either nothing happened - or - it transferred and I don't know where to look. If it transferred, where would it be?

    The instructions say that this works only for items purchased in the iTunes store. The app(s) I want to transfer were free. Does that make a difference?

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    It would be in iTunes under Apps.

    If you are expecting to run that iOS app on your Mac in OS X - ain't gonna happen.
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    To expand a bit on Tom's answer, as I suspect he has correctly guessed your intent: although they are made by the same company and based at a root level on the same underlying code, iOS and OS X are separate operating systems that are not compatible with each other.

    If you want to run an iOS app on your Mac, you will need to determine if the developer makes a Mac version, and pay for that version (assuming its not free -- it might be!). You cannot run an iOS app on your Mac except through an iOS developer's emulation tool, and that requires a $99/year developer license.

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