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Thread: Icon went missing - how do I get it back?

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    Icon went missing - how do I get it back?
    My 2 year old daughter got a hold of my phone and deleted the "Notes" icon off my iPhone desktop. I know that it is still on my iPhone but how do I restore the icon back to the desktop?

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    Hi Kiran.. - first, please provide some more information, i.e. which phone do you own and what iOS is installed; second, Notes is a built-in app for iOS so the icon cannot be deleted - I suspect that your daughter has moved it into a folder or to another home screen. Depending on your iOS, go to the search page and enter 'notes' (w/o the quotes) and see what may show up? I'll stop there since that may solve your issue. Dave

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    Yea agree with Dave. Either swipe down in iOS 7 or flick to the far right until Spotlight comes up and put in Notes, and that will show you what Folder it is in. Unless you have Jail Broken the iPhone, then its impossible to delete from it.
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    Thanks guys. I flicked to the far right and it was on a separate screen by itself.

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