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    I want to purchase a film on iTunes for someone who is not very computer literate. If I give her the video file that I download from iTunes, what will happen when she tries to open it on her machine? Will it somehow connect the file to my account and request my iTunes password before playing it? Will is ask to authorise her machine and link it to my account? I want to understand how this works before purchasing...

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    Straight up. IT won't work, because thats basically stealing in the eyes of iTunes. She needs to be signed into your iTunes Account in iTunes to be able to watch it. In a nutshell thats the only way she will be able to view it.
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    Alternatively, you can gift the movie to her (she will need her own iTunes account). That's the route I would recommend.

    (thinks some more)

    Another option: buy a $10 or $15 iTunes gift card and help her set up an iTunes account. She can use the credit from the iTunes card to rent the movie herself, and buy new iTunes cards whenever she likes from basically anywhere. No credit card needed (which I know is a concern with seniors).

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    Thanks guys. Very helpful.

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