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Thread: Texts not synching with Mac's Messages

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    Texts not synching with Mac's Messages
    Even though my phone and Mac are both set up to receive gmail, icloud and mobile messages/texts, they're not syncing or updating on my Mac in Messages.

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    Sep 06, 2008
    Or is that only current and future texts will appear on my Mac? I thought the exact messages I had in my phone could match to Mac so I could keep up with conversations. Thanks.

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    SMS texts are not the same thing as iMessages. Your Mac's Messages app will sync with your iMessages but may not sync with SMS texts.

    iMessages are blue and come to you from other iPhone or Mac owners using Messages. If the conversations you want to keep track of are blue (iMessages), then be sure your Mac's Messages settings has your phone's phone number as well as your email address that people sent you messages to.

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