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    Help Manage iCloud Songs\Videos!
    OK, so fairly new to having music on my device. I have about 200 songs that just showed up on my new phone; I assume it's music the wife bought and is in our iTunes somehow. Also assume they got on the cloud somehow. Either way, I can see them and listen to them on my device. I learned I had to actually download it from the cloud to be able to listen to it with no type of cell/Internet connection.

    I only have a 16g phone and I'm not a huge music person, so I only want a few of my favorites to keep from filling it up. Here's the parts I can't figure out... I have a few random songs that play when the phone is off line (no cellular/wi-if), but I can't swipe across the song and delete it?? I assume they loaded from the cloud, but why can't I delete. I didn't download them because when the phone is on line, the songs in question still have the cloud symbol there indicating they were not downloaded and I did not select them for download.

    Same matter with a video. Have three movies in iTunes that are on the cloud. They show up but I have not downloaded them from the cloud. Before I did anything, I checked the video count in settings; it was at 13. Next, while connected to wi-fi, I watched one of the movies without downloading it from the cloud. The movie worked. Now however, the movie works all the time with no wi-fi connection (as if it's downloaded), the video count is up to 14, but the iCloud symbol is still there as if it hasn't been downloaded. And, I can't figure out how to delete it off the device since it obviously appears to have downloaded.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Well, I figured this out from playing around. So apparently (or so it seems) watching the whole movie from the cloud (but not downloading from the cloud) places it on your device. It shows up in the video counter, looks like it takes up space, and you can watch it without a wi-fi connection. can't delete it. After this, I hit the cloud image on that video and it still downloaded. I let it download and then I was able to delete it. Strange. Assume the music in question will work the same since it acts the same but haven't played with it yet.

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