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Thread: Unable to delete photos w/ ios 7

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    Unable to delete photos w/ ios 7
    Recently udpated to ios 7...

    Before i updated, i cleared space and backed up all my pictures to my computer.

    I just finished putting a folder onto my phone with some pictures i wanted back on, but I cant edit the pictures in the folder whatsoever.

    My iphone allows me to edit the ones in the camera roll but not the folder that I added back to my phone from itunes.

    How can I edit/delete pictures from the folder i synched to my iphone in ios 7?

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    I'm only one coffee into the day and I'm not in front of my own Mac to try this out but I seem to recall that because a folder sync is one way (i.e. it's contents are only ever copied to the iPhone not vice versa) it's made read only. I'll stand corrected. In fact I'll try it later and check the permissions.

    You should, however, be able to open the image in a thirdparty editor and save it to the camera roll rather than the synced folder

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    iPads and iPhones do not have a file/folder management system that is visible to the user, so of course you can't edit it.

    Import said pictures into iPhoto or Aperture or whatever they use on PCs, and sync your iDevice with that to add the photos to Photos on the iDevice. Now they will be available to edit in iPhoto, Photos, or any third-party iOS app you want (Snapseed, despite being owned by Google now, is excellent and free).

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