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    Notification sounds - IOS 7.0.4
    Hi guys,

    I have an Iphone from few days, so I'm preatty new on IOS stuff being my first Apple product , and I need some clarification about Apps alerts.

    I've tons of application installed and noticed that not all of them make a sound when they push a notification (like Ruzzle, Quizcross, and some other games).

    I got that an app can use custom sounds for its notifications, if the devs create that, otherwise they can also use default ring tones of IOS, but it's a bit strange that some of them don't make any sound .... making the notification quite useless, because you never notice when they arrive.

    Is this expected or my phone needs a reset? Do you experience the same issue?

    p.s. Sry for my english

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    Have you looked up the app in the "Notifications" section of your iPhone's preferences (scroll down ... keep scrolling ...)? Some just leave the sound off by default.

    For example: I just looked up the Flickr app, which I've never set prefs for. By default it is set to keep sounds off for notifications, and instead just "badge" the app icon. Perhaps that is what is going on with your apps.

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