My boss's iPad4 has iOS 7.01 installed. All apps are up to date. She has one email address that I installed as a pop email using the other option. This is the same method I used on my iPad4 and numerous iPhones with no issues.

She came to me to tell me she had a whole bunch of emails she deleted by selecting them all and deleted them but they didn't go away. Now if you look at the app icon on her iPad it shows over 3700+ emails but when you open the app you can not access them.

With the app open the inbox at the top of the app shows the 3700+ number but if you select that inbox nothing shows up. If you select her personal company email inbox box she will have the normal number of emails. There are no other email accounts on her iPad.

My question is how do I delete the 3700+??? I have considered deleting her company email and then setting it up again.

Any other suggestions are welcome. I will see about updating iOS 7 to 7.04 but I did not have time and she was out of the office.