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Thread: Updating Apps on iPhone

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    Dec 04, 2013
    Updating Apps on iPhone
    I'm trying to update apps on my iphone by my daughter's account is showing up. How do I change this to my account?

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    Are some updating and others not?
    By that I mean, does it first bring up your account and ask for a password and then her apple id pops up soon thereafter?

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    I have to get off of here so I will present a solution if my question's answer is "yes"
    Basically, because of DRM stuff, some of your apps are associated with your daughter's account and some with yours (probably because she downloaded them to your phone using her Apple ID).
    Whichever ones don't update (you can see this by going to the App Store on your phone and clicking Updates at the bottom) are probably associated with your daughter's account.
    Write down which ones they are and then delete them from your phone and re-download them. (Using your Apple ID)
    If they are paid apps, you might just want to ask your daughter for the password.

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    A good answer. Another possible option is that she signed into the iTunes store and forgot to sign out. If you think that's the problem, just open the main page of the App Store, scroll to the bottom, and where it says her account just tap. You'll be offered the option to sign out, so do that. Then that button will read "sign in" and you can sign in to your own account.

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