Hello, I have an ipad where the e-mail account is corporate (when I click the account name - which happens to be the company name - under Mail, Contacts end Calendars, my e-mail appears under the item EXCHANGE). As it is used as a company tool, it also has some profiles installed. The thing is that I do not understand anything about ipad settings for corporate uses, but there is one thing that has been intriguing me for some time and that, I only suppose, might have something to do with these settings: Whenever I try to forward a file (for example, a pdf from adobe reader or a pdf from iAnnotate), there comes a message that says that the e-mail is not set up and recommends, in order to set it up, to access set up -> mail, contacts, calendars -> add account. Does anybody know what is happening and how to fix it ?? By the way, my mail is working fine, no problems (!?).

Thanks in advance,